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Interior Decorate like a Boss

Learn how to perfectly style your home

“If you’re looking to style a new space or redecorate, this class is essential! Rose is such an engaging teacher and all the lessons are organized in an easy-to-understand flow.

I recently moved into a new apartment and wanted to do all the interior design myself. This class really helped me with colours, mixing textures, and how to accessorize. I really appreciate the base philosophy around ‘function’ as a living space. It shouldn’t feel like a museum but a home where everything has a purpose.

She focused on mood and atmosphere and how different elements can achieve the specific vibe you’re after and I really applied that to my own home. All in all, would definitely recommend this class! ”

Sharon J.


I work from home and wanted to take a moment to style my studio shelves as they are a big part of my space. I learned how to mix textures, add variation, and worked with repeating some base colours. The colours were inspired by the rest of my living space.

This is already such a big change! Thank you for your great tips and examples. Your course really inspired me to take it up a notch!

Charlotte K.


“Interior Design has been such a mystery to me for so long, and this class just demystified everything. I mean, some things are intuitive, and you can definitely copy styles you like, but man is it good to actually know the basic principles of how everything works. Awesome class.”

Victoria S.


Learn how to apply your signature style

You want your home to look fabulous

and have a signature look that reflects you..

…but you don’t know how to easily pull it all together

Interior Decorate like a Boss has demystified the entire interior design process to over 30,000 students to give them the total confidence and know-how to design as beautiful as a professional without the cost and time factor. With over 50+ clear and easy-to-follow video lectures, exercises, and the support of an entire design community, you will have the ultimate blueprint to transform your home into a beautiful space that you’re proud to show off! Imagine the giddiness you’ll feel when you welcome friends and family over to your spread-worthy home knowing it’s everything you wanted, and you had complete control over your design!

For anyone who wants to up their interior design game or is a total beginner, you will learn all the inside tricks to professionally style a new space or redecorate your existing one WITHOUT spending tons of time and money on an interior designer, another degree, or having to learn complicated 3D software.

This course easily breaks down the interior design process step by step with plenty of information and inspiration that you’ll learn way more than you thought you needed to know, so you can get beautiful results without the steep learning curve or stress.

Imagine the space of your dreams without blowing your budget, getting Pinterest overwhelm, or always second-guessing your design choices!

Not only will you learn the full breakdown of all the basics of decor and design, but you’ll watch me demo a total room makeover using the same system and principles I teach in this course so you can see EXACTLY how to implement what you’ve learned. But that’s not all. You’ll also get a full 3D rendering of your space so you can design with total confidence, avoid those common design mistakes, AND get exclusive discounts to all of my favorite interior design places to shop. 

You’ll have the total know-how and resources to style a room from beginning to end, and do it like a pro!

Who this course is for

Interior Design Enthusiasts

Love interior design, but want to take it to the next level? Learn the principles of design and how to really define your signature design style.

Total Beginners

Just starting to learn about interior design or have an interest? Learn a clear and easy to follow action plan that you can use to get beautiful results every time. 

Air BNB Owners

Want your property to really wow guests and stand out from your competition? Learn how to create a beautiful space that guests will keep coming back for again and again.

Pet owners or parents

Babies or fur babies, doesn’t matter. You can have a beautiful space that works for every member of your family.

Home Renovators

Starting with a blank slate? This course will help you avoid common interior design mistakes and save you tons of money right from the get go.

Home Stagers

Staging homes to sell? Get the know-how and sharpen your styling skills to bring in more clients and have a leg up on your competition.

Does this sound familiar?


You know what you like and start designing, only to find yourself being pulled in a million design directions and lose track of your original vision and time. 

“Wait do I like this one, or this one better?!” 

PSSST, it’s hard to choose between two loves but there’s an easy way.


You lose hours trying to copy designs that you love on Pinterest or Instagram, but it never works. The end result feels off or isn’t quite what you imagined or pictured in your head.

 “…Okay this is way harder than I thought. I have no idea why this looks so different. I bought the same stuff.”

PSSSTT, the Pinterest struggle is real.


Your doubt yourself or your ability to design your space because you don’t think yourself as a professional designer. You feel the imposter syndrome, and spend more time worried and stressed than enjoying your space.

 “I wish I was creative. I feel so overwhelmed just thinking about tackling this.”

PSSSTT, you don’t have to be creative to get a great space.

Just imagine…

Showing off your signature style with confidence

No more second guessing yourself. You’ll truly be empowered to design with strength and stay true to your aesthetic and voice.

Mastering proper design fundamentals

Now you’ll truly be able to master your craft with the know-how and skill with both beginner and advanced design theory, and all with little to no tech skills.

Save money
and time

Design with best practices and know that you’re designing on the same level as the industry’s best without having to spend the time or money going back to school.

Hi friend, I’m Rose Sprinkle

I’m a firm believer that when you love your house, your house loves you back, and everyone should be able to enjoy their home. Over the 10 years I’ve been designing and staging, I was always saddened by how many times I heard friends say, “I really want to decorate my space but I’m not a designer.” Well hallelujah because I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be. Interior design is kind of like a recipe. You put all the right ingredients together and use a formula. But ultimately your batch of chocolate chip cookies is going to taste different than anyone else’s, because no one can bake cookies the way that you do. Maybe you’re just putting on your apron. Maybe you’re already a whiz in the kitchen, but no matter where you are when it comes to your skills, you’re still gonna learn how to decorate like a boss.


Instructional Videos

Competitors outbeat for best course

What makes me qualified to teach?

I’m Team Edward

I studied wth the interior designer who designed the Edward Cullen’s vampire home in the movie Twilight. If you’ve never seen it, grab a good girlfriend and have yourself a fun movie night.

Won Best Course

I’ve never won a T-ball tropy, but this interior design course won best course out of 300 competitors. I was award top teacher and I’ve never looked back

27k+ and Growing

I’ve helped thousands of students all over the world design and create a space that they love, and you can too.

Join me as I reveal…

You don't need to be creative or a professional designer

Design isn’t solely about talent. I break it down into step by step instructions that anyone can easily understand and repeat.

You can do this on a budget

I’ll show you how to track your costs and all my tips and tricks for getting that million dollar look without the expense.

You don't need to lose hours of your time

This course is a one stop shop that includes lots of information without being overwhelming, so you can design with confidence and get back to living your life.

You don't need to be tech savvy

You’ll be able to get a 3D rendering of your floorplan without having to learn AutoCAD or complicated software.

 What you’ll learn in IDLAB


How to create your vision and narrow your focus
How to properly moodboard
How to mix textures

How to stay true to your design style

How to create function in a room

How to avoid common design mistakes

How to decide type and size of accessories
How to create mood and atmosphere
What makes a room function well and look cohesive
How to choose your paint colors and finish
How to keep your renovation on time and in budget
The best places to shop and awesome free resources
How to create a floorplan
How to style your space including lighting, colors, and so much more
How to style your coffee table and shelves
How to properly hang wall art and galleries
Different ways to save money and repurpose what you already have!

Ready to design with confidence? Here’s how we’ll do it


Evaluate your space

Here you’ll create your strategy for success by solving for the six fundamental things you need to know when designing a room: function, seating, storage, focal point, special needs, and mood. You’ll learn how to properly moodboard, create your vision, and narrow the focus of your design, so you know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and won’t get distracted.



Design principles


At the end of this module, you’ll see things like a designer by learning all about the design principles. You’ll learn all the inside tricks to designing a beautiful space so you know what makes a room stunning. With tons of examples, you’ll learn  how to use these in your own space. We’ll cover contrast, repetition, rhythm, scale, proximity, alignment, variation and unity, and balance. 


Color theory


Color is one of the hardest things to get right, but no worries because here we’ll master the color wheel and learn how to choose your colors and paint finish. Then you’ll learn how to properly apply it in your space! You’ll also learn advanced color theory such as intensity and brightness, undertones, and the different temperatures of color, so you get your color perfectly right.





It’s time to light it up by learning all the different types of lighting and how to properly use them in your space. You’ll learn all about the different types of lighting and when and how to use them so your space is properly lit and has the exact mood and ambience that you want. 


Accessorize like a boss


Now the finishing touch with accessories. Here’ll we’ll put the finishing touch on your space and bring it all together for a finished look. We’ll cover how to style shelves and bookcases, coffee tables, fire mantles, and much more. You’ll learn how to properly hang things, choose your plants, and how to mix different textures and patterns.


Space planning


Learn how to layout your furniture and create a floorplan. Here you’ll see the final vision of your space before you do any design changes so you can design with absolute confidence. You’ll learn how to get a 3D rendering of your space without having to learn autocad or or complicated software, and how to create your shopping list so you don’t go over budget. 

But that’s not all…


Watch me do a total room makeover from beginning to end using the principles you learn in this course.

Private Slack Channel

Get exclusive access to the IDLAB community. Connect with me and classmates to share your interior design journey and get design input.


You’ll be guided step-by-step through the course so you can stay on track and jot down your entire game plan.



Go at your own pace through 6 modules jam packed with inspo and info. No need to rush, it’s all on your time schedule.


Lifetime Access

Once a student, always a student. You can revisit your curriculum anytime and will also get all the new updates for free!


40+ Instructional Videos

Quality and quantity, you’ll get lots of information, dilluted into small sections so you won’t feel the overwhelm. 

Love it, or your money back

Yep, I offer a no questions asked 100% back guarantee if you don’t love the course. Purchase with confidence. It’s at no risk to you. Simply reach out to [email protected] to get your money back within three days of purchase for a full refund.

More testimonials from my students

“I loved this class: it was everything I was looking for. The content is great and gives a good overview of everything interior design.

The teacher is knowledgeable, interesting and a good speaker. And finally, it’s good quality videos: structure, lighting, and sound are great, making it easy and fun to watch. I highly recommend taking this class.”

Johanna D.

“What an amazing class! I did not expect so much packed information. Really well structured and explained with professional knowledge. Very handy for all levels who want to learn interior design or would like to refresh their knowledge. Thank you so much!

Leda D.

“This class is broken up into easily digestible segments. I’m impressed with how Rose concisely covered so many details of interior design, yet made the information clear and easy to understand for beginners. Awesome course!

Sam C.

“LOVED this class. I know a lot about color theory, lighting, and spaces (I’m a photographer), but this class taught me how to apply all that knowledge to my apartment makeover. Thank you, Rose!!

Nerea B.

“Oh my HEAVENS this class is amazing!! Beautifully executed in every way. Jam packed with great information and actionable advice. Such a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about creating beautiful spaces.”

Brittany H.

“Whether you are a stylist, or a complete beginner, I’ve taken away so much information and also a fresh mind to begin the revamp of several areas.

I found Rose extremely engaging, holding my focus is hard but she kept me interested.

The course is user friendly and spaced in segments making it very simple for the student.

Importantly I’ve learned what I like, and what suits the space. I find I often get very distracted by big opulent homes, where as I have a small cottage in the country and I often get confused with that because I appreciate so many different styles.

What Rose has very cleverly done is bring me back to creating my own aesthetic.

I will never again attempt a remodel without a mood board. There is so much information within the course, from colour theory, floor plans to a complete makeover.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone with a keen interest in Interiors.”

Kathie K.

“Professional and educational, this course includes lots of information without being overwhelming. Rose is very thorough and clear with her teaching style, appealing to beginner and intermediate level designers.”

Jessica B.

“This class gave me more knowledge about interior decorating in comparison to what i have watched & read before, in such a shorter amount of time. Thank you so much!”

Syarifah A.

“Excellent class! Really helpful and covers way more than I thought I needed to know!”

Amelia R.

“The way the lessons were classified and thought was really amazing. The course has also kindled an interest to pursue a career in this field.”

Shruti S.

If you’re doing a renovation, this course would definitely help you plan a space and pull it all together. Or for anyone that LIIIIIVES for interiors (think I may know a few of you on here??) I was happy to sit and listen to Rose chat interiors all day and really get into the theory behind design.”

Hayley L.

Rose is fantastic! Her teaching style is wonderful, the videos are high quality, and you learn so much!”

Hayley L.

“Excellent class! Really helpful and covers way more than I thought I needed to know!”

Amelia R.

,”Wow there is so much information from design principles, colours, textures, & my personal favourite how to accessorise like a boss!
I’m thoroughly enjoying learning from Rose, her course is easy to follow & I can’t wait to start putting it all into my practice in my own home!”

Nichol R.

“Since I started this course I realized I had a lot of mistakes I had done due to lack of knowledge. I learned how to evaluate my space before actually buying any furniture, to avoid overloading the space. Moreover I learned about design principles, color theory, lighting, and much much more”

Dulcineia K.

“This class is truly transformative. I never knew how to make a space feel put together and like I have a style, but Rose does SUCH an amazing job explaining how to do this! I can’t wait to transform my home into beautiful, comfortable spaces I am proud to show off. It all makes sense now! Thank you, Rose!”

Krystal J.

“If you’re unsure about how to tackle a space you currently have, need a little inspiration or have a knack for interior decorating and want to up your game, HIGHLY recommend taking Rose’s course. I took so many notes and it was so fun to zone out and learn about something that I’m passionate about. ? Now I know what color theory is and I feel like Kelly wearstler!”

Anne F.

“I am looking to help my husband renovate houses and was taking note more for designing a space from scratch and there was a lot to think about in this class. I believe I have an eye for it, but these tools are really going to help us create beautiful spaces! Thank you!”

Rebecca O.

“I always felt like I had a general grasp of design concepts just from studying hundreds of inspirational home photos, but I had never taken an actual course on the subject until now. She goes through design principles such as contrast, repetition, scale, and color theory (WHY certain colors and tones don’t vibe together, and what you can do about it,) as well as how to properly evaluate a space for both function and form. If you’re a beginner to design/decorating, this course covers pretty much everything.”

Erin K.

“I actually studied architecture and at my college, they never showed us how to design a room with colors, or textures or patterns, so this is actually such a relief. It’s simple, well explained, and i really like it. Thank you.”

Stacie M.

“Absolutely exceeded my expectations! This was formatted fantastically so I could easily jot and organize my notes. The lessons were laid out in a very practical order and the instructor was lovely!”

Timothy D.

“Awesome class! It kept me engaged the entire time. Plenty of examples to her teaching methods. I’d highly recommend this class.”

Tatiana M.

This course is packed full of brilliant tips from styling to pulling a full room together. The short videos are a great idea as I was able to watch them at once and digest each point instead of having to stop and start.

Rose demo’s a total room makeover at the end which helped me see how she applied the principles she talks about. I learnt so much. Can’t wait to apply the rest of the fantastic tips in my new big project ? Rose shared a fab site in the course where you get to see your room in 3D with furniture placements.

So simple to use just by placing measurements! I’m not tech savvy at all so thank you Rose you’ve just saved me a whole lot of time ?“

Sal S.

Want to chat with me?

Have questions about the course? I’d love to answer them! Feel free to book a 30 minute video conference  with me totally for free. 

This course was extremely engaging! I came to it with no knowledge of design, color theory, artistic principles, or other basic interior designing background. I would consider myself really really truly a beginner in room decorating. However, this course was really easy to follow and has tons of examples which help explain the different topics. I actually feel confident in buying new furniture pieces and decorations when I move into my next apartment this summer

Katie S, Student

Absolutely exceeded my expectations! This was formatted fantastically so I could easily jot and organize my notes. The lessons were laid out in a very practical order and the instructor was lovely!

Timothy D, Student

Rose is such a great teacher! She packed in so much information and explained them in a very easy to understand way within a quick time frame. I have 6 pages of notes from an hour of her lectures.

Heather P., Student

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interior Decorate like a Boss?

IDLAB is a 4 week course covering all aspects of the interior design and styling process from beginning to end – from moodboard to floorplan layouts, and final touches. By the end of the course you’ll have a system and know how to create the space of your dreams time and time again. 

I'm an experienced designer or have had experience. Should I take this course?

Heck yes. Every space is different and this course will only help you sharpen your skills more as well as show you an overaching approach that is scalable and reusable no matter what space you’re designing. And don’t forget there’s a 3 day money back guarantee so you can also try it out and if it’s not a fit, no loss to you!

The Experienced
“I actually studied architecture and at my college, they never showed us how to design a room with colors, or textures or patterns, so this is actually such a relief. It’s simple, well explained, and i really like it. Thank you.” – 
Stacie M.

“LOVED this class. I know a lot about color theory, lighting, and spaces (I’m a photographer), but this class taught me how to apply all that knowledge to my apartment makeover. Thank you, Rose!!
– Nerea B.

The Beginner
“This course was extremely engaging! I came to it with no knowledge of design, color theory, artistic principles, or other basic interior design background. I would consider myself really truly a beginner. However, this course was really easy to follow and has tons of examples which help explain the different topics. I actually feel confident in buying new furniture pieces and decorations when I move into my  next apartment this summer.” 
– Katie S.

How long is this course?

This course is 4 weeks long, but you can go at your own pace! All of the video lectures hold your place. You can choose to watch everything and then do the renovation, or piecemeal as you go. It’s completely up to you!!

Is IDLAB completely online?

Yep! You can access the course anywhere that you have internet access, on your phone, tablet, or computer. And you can download all your lovely handouts, resources, and PDFS. 

What is the IDLAB community?

The IDLAB community is a slack channel for all current and graduated students of IDLAB. Here you’ll have access to my design expertise as well as that of your classmates. You’ll receive help and feedback to your designs and any struggles that you may be facing. It’s a great way to connect and get advice when you need it. Here you’ll post moodboards, photos, questions, and anything else that you might be in need of. Students tell me that the slack channel is one of their favorite parts about the course. 

Do you offer a payment plan?

Absolutely. Three payments of 82.30 – one payment per month for three months.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

You absolutely do! Just email [email protected] when you’ve finished the course with your name and date of completion. I’ll email a certificate back that you can print and show off to all of your family and friends. 

Does this class cover renovating?

This class doesn’t cover how-to videos for how to install new flooring, countertops, or anything that is labor intensive. If you’re looking to fully renovate a kitchen from the ground up, then you’d probably find better luck with another course. IDLAB instead focuses on how to decorate and implement an overall design and vision for the space. 

What if I'm not designing a room from scratch? Can I still learn from the course?

Yes, yes, and yes. This course will help those designing a room from the beginning AND help you immediately improve the space you already have. I’ve had students do something as simple as redecorating their shelves. You’ll learn both beginner and advanced design theory so you can apply what you’ve learned exactly how you want to. 

What does lifetime access mean?

Just what it says. Once you’re a student of IDLAB, you’re always a student. You can login anytime to revisit the curriculum or relearn content as needed. 

Does this course cover learning the different design styles?

This module is in the works! So the best part is that once you’re an IDLAB student, you’ll receive any new and and improved updates to the course for free. They’ll just appear in your curriculum when it’s completed. 

What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund?

Absolutely you can. Just email [email protected] within the first 3 days of enrollment for a full money back guarantee – no questions asked.  

The Plan

Step 1: Click Enroll Now
Step 2: Enter Payment Information
Step 3: Enter Interior Decorate like a Boss
Step 4: Press Play
Step 5: Become an awesome designer


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